Materials: Stat 202 Spring 2015

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I have decided to post my lesson plans here, with some reluctance. They are provided as is and may be messy and contain a lot of junk which I decided not to cover. Also, there may be some stuff I cover which isn't in my notes.

  • Snow Day, Week 1, Wednesday, no class.
  • Snow Day, Week 3, Tuesday, no class.
  • Week 5, Review and Exam. No Lectures
  • Snow Day, Week 6, Tuesday, no class.
  • Lecture, Week 7, Friday: PowerPoint Lecture (Chapter 3) that won't load properly on my website. (See email sent 6:16 pm Friday, Feb 27.)
  • Lecture, Week 8, Tuesday: PowerPoint Lecture (Chapter 3, continued, see note for last Friday).
  • Snow Day, Week 8, Friday, no class.


Week 1 Homework:

Week 2 Homework:

Week 3 Homework:

Week 4 Homework:

  • Homework 10. Due February 11, 2015. (Less time for Homework 12 because no new problems assigned on week 5.)

Week 5 Homework:

  • No new problems. Review problems assigned below. These will not be collected and are not due. Exam February 13.

Week 6 Homework:

Week 7 Homework:

Week 8 Homework:

Spring Break---No class and no additional homework.

Week 9 (after Spring Break) Homework:

Week 10:

  • Exam March 27.


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 6

Chapter 7