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Sean G. Carver, Ph. D., Data Scientist, Data Machines Corp.

Data scientist, gifted in the creative analysis and presentation of data. I have skills and experience creating and conveying penetrating insights from data and models. In a sense, I have been a data scientist for my entire career, but I now seek opportunities to apply my expertise and skill sets to important domains with relevance to problems in the real world, that matter to real people and to organizations beyond academia.
Baseball Research Showcase for Undergraduates:

In Spring 2017, I taught Stat 370, Introduction to Statistical Computing and Modeling.

In Spring 2009, I developed and taught at Johns Hopkins: Modeling and Identifying Neurosystems.

I received my Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Cornell University in 2003. I later worked for the University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, Yale University, and Data Machines Corp.

I wrote: The Data Professor's Guide to Basic Statistics.